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 Moving from desire to reality in 5 steps


Reality and Desire

Part three of the series on de-biasing strategy and tactics with some special story time to boot


Pizza, Beer, and Systemic Decision Grease

De-biasing techniques part deux and a tale of woe for James, Wallace, Manfred, Robert, and Samuel 


Reflection and Action

Featuring the Dukes of Hazard and various outlaws engaged in cognitive pre-biasing strategies - with delicious bunnies in a red wine, shallot, garlic sauce.


Pre-Bias and Delicious Bunnies

The influence of skier compaction on snowpack stability, backcountry leadership, and story time from the land of meat, fire, and big couloirs.



Backcountry skiing as a process and our skills, knowledge, and behavior as elements of a system - and what can go wrong when the elements of process and system are weak or absent.


Systemic Failure

A tale of reassessment, exposure, and feedback.


Enkidu, Gilgamesh, and Doug-san

A short episode that takes the principles of operational teamwork, trims 'em up, and targets recreational skiers with the new product.


Backcountry Teamwork

Managing deep persistent slab problems, the final installment of situational awareness, the Dunning-Kruger effect, and special story time 


Metacognition and Twits


Change of Venue

A micro-rant on the state of the snowpack, part two of situational awareness, and special story time 


Ramping Up

A micro-rant on avalanche education, the first installment of a situational awareness primer, and special story time


Scary Stories

How the narrative fallacy makes it easier for us to believe things that maybe just ain't so and special story time


There's No Place Like Home

Analysis and opinions on avalanche airbag packs plus special story time


More Funk Less Bunk

In this episode I resume our themes from episode one by suggesting specific tactics for effective speech and mitigating confirmation bias.


The Bunk of Silence


In this episode we dole out some early season safety tips and I micro-rant on preparation for avalanche rescue and using radios in the backcountry. A lengthy stump on communication as a critical safety capability is the feature presentation, and the Brain Trap segment begins a discussion of motivated cognition and confirmation bias.

Tips and Tricks for the Last Few Meters of a Beacon Search

The Three Circle Method: A Standardized Approach for Avalanche Professionals

The 3-Circle Search Method Video

Avalanche Airbag Effectiveness - Something Closer to the Truth


An introduction to the Podcast describing its content, style, and structure